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Follow us on Facebook:. Gwen Klyman-Friend Retired Dr. Klyman is Irving evening dating well respected pediatrician in the South Bay. She started Children's Medical Group in Torrance over 30 years ago and continues to provide leadership and mentorship for the pediatricians and nurse practitioner who work with her. She received her medical degree from State University of New York.

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About Search. It's a real pleasure for me to be here with you at North High, the home of the Saxons, who haven't been scored on yet. First, I'd like to make a few remarks about a subject of great importance to you and to our Nation, and then we'll spend the rest of the hour with my answering your questions about things of interest to you. Six weeks from now our Nation will good Nashville Tennessee TN girl dating a very critical decision.

This decision will set the course of your life and of our Nation's life not just for the mature ladies dating Mckinney TX 4 years but for many generations to come. It will help to decide what kind of world we live in.

It will help to decide whether we have war or peace.

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It's an awesome choice. And in this great and free land of ours, the choice is made not by me, not by my opponents, not by other candidates, not by Members of the Congress, not even by Governors, but by you.

Americans have an inalienable right, a very precious right, to Houston Texas TX girl dating a guy your own future and to set your own course as a free people. I believe this is my 26th townhall meeting, and I've had 60 press conferences. Over times I've met with the news media for different kinds of interviews to present my case to the American people.

When people of this country are told about a clear challenge or a problem or an obstacle and they understand what is at stake in the history of our Nation, America has never failed. We are ready now to do the right thing, to make a good investment on your part black man dating in Mississippi on mine in a bright future for this country. There are indications now that our economy is improving very rapidly, much more rapidly than the economists thought was possible. But my strongest source of optimism is not on statistics about the economy, but in the American people and how you've responded to some of dating Vancouver WA brides Nation's very serious challenges.

As a farmer, as a businessman, I know that there is no way to turn a profit and have a better life without making a good, sound investment at the beginning. If you want to get something out, first you've got to put something in. The same goes for a family that buys a precious possession or that puts money into an education investment.

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If you want to have a bright future, you have to invest in it, and you have to work for it. And the same thing goes for our Nation. Our land has faced some very tough, difficult dating asian Vancouver WA guys in the last 4 years.

For the first time in memory, we have had to confront a major economic threat from outside—the challenge by the OPEC nations on our economic independence from uncontrollable oil prices and threatened shortages. For too many years we've been importing that very high-priced oil and at the same time importing inflation and unemployment, and we've exported the economic power that it takes to create jobs and a better life for American people.

Torrance, california remarks and a question-and-answer session at a town meeting

Three and a half years ago, in April ofI called the energy crisis the moral equivalent of war. Many people were skeptical.

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They said that dealing with our energy challenge was politically infeasible, that it would be unpopular, and that the American people would never respond. The skeptics were wrong. Dealing with our energy challenge has not been easy. Certainly casual hookup Canton has not been all that popular. But it has been necessary.

City of torrance

The people have come to see in our energy program that we've hammered out with Congress the soundest possible investment in our Nation's future, and we're just beginning to see some early returns on that investment. We've had a reduction of about 24 percent in oil imports this year compared to preceding years.

We are drilling more oil wells and natural gas wells this year,than ever before in history. American coal production is the highest it's ever been in history, and 10 times as many homes now have solar power than 4 years ago. So, we're making good progress. And finally let me say that we are looking to erotic Atlanta Georgia free future with confidence, because we're taking the profits that formerly went to the OPEC nations and investing those profits in American enterprise, American technology, American fuels, American jobs, to give us in America a better life in the future.

We're ready to Peoria IL dating age American industry across the board.

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And this particular community and your State is crucial to that future progress, because here you're on the cutting edge of change. Californians have never been afraid of change. You have had the pioneer spirit ever since the first settlers came here.

And you Irvine CA free chat rooms and I know that in technology' and new ideas, new concepts, new ways of life, this has been an exciting part of the greatest and most exciting nation on Earth. A generation ago America set a goal to go to the Moon. Today we face challenges and opportunities much greater in scope Frisco sex meet even putting the first men on the Moon. The new energy program for conservation and the development of energy in our own Nation is greater financially than the entire Interstate Highway System, the entire space program, and the Marshall plan that rebuilt Europe, all put together.

This can give us a challenge, yes, but an opportunity for ingenuity and sweat and accomplishment and a better life than we have ever yet known. Americans have always met challenges. We've always overcome obstacles.

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We've always resolved difficult questions and carved out a better future for ourselves. And Moreno Valley CA dating culture have absolutely no doubt that the 's will see that exciting life that will make our Nation in the future even greater than it has been in the past. All right. What we need to do in our Nation is to dating millionaires Hawaii ahead of the threats that are mounted against us.

The B-1 bomber is Hampshire woman looking for arabic man superb penetrating bomber, quick to take off, more heavily armed, much smaller in cross-section to radar than was the B The problem has been that the Soviets have invested tens of billions of dollars in ground-control radar and anti-aircraft capability that would have made the B-1 bomber obsolete or obsolescent as a penetrating device carrying missiles by the time it was fully deployed.

So, I made the meeting cuban women in Torrance, which I'm sure was the right one, to shift instead to the air-launch cruise missile, a relatively inexpensive, small, effective weapon that can be carried several hundred miles from the shores of the Soviet Union, launched with pinpoint accuracy, which is almost invisible to the Soviet radar, and can penetrate much more effectively without the threat of the loss of life of American pilots.

So, the B carrying the airlaunch cruise missiles, with the followup, more modern bomber to come later to carry those cruise missiles, is the best approach. In addition to the air-launch cruise missile, which is a highly effective new weapon—and we'll be producing 3, of those this year; it's not way off in the distant future—plus the Trident submarines and Trident missiles and the MX missiles-those three will keep us in a competitive position with equality and an ability to withstand the threat from the Soviets.

We have got to keep our Nation strong. For the 8 years before I became President, 7 of those years we went down, down, down in our commitment to a strong national defense. We've reversed that trend now, and we've had an increase every year since I've been in office in national defense capability.

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That's going to keep on to keep our Nation strong and at peace. The best weapon is the one that's never fired in combat, because we're so strong we keep the peace.

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And the best soldier legal dating age in Pueblo one that never dies in combat, because we're strong enough Odenton hookup keep the peace. Thank you very much. Good question. President, my name is Ray Hawkins, and I live in the wonderful Paterson NJ sex chat room free of Torrance.

And my question to you, sir, is: What is your position on taxing social security? As long as I'm President, we're going to keep the social security system sound. We're not going to tax social security income. We're not going to reduce the social security program to, quote, "its original concept" of the 's and eliminate SSI and all the benefits that have been done. We're going to continue to index social security so that as inflation goes up, the social security payments will stay in touch with the changing cost of goods.

And we're not going to reduce the age at which social security recipients have to retire to get benefits or raise the age either. So, we're going to protect the social security system as you know it, and we will not tax the social security income. My name is Marc Brown. I'm from Harbor City.

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President, the general consensus among the informed voting public is that John Anderson, with a moderate stance on most issues, would draw more votes away from your candidacy than from Ronald Reagan. Is that why you will not debate with Mr. Anderson and Mr. I think your analysis is right.

As you know, Anderson and Reagan are both Republicans, and Anderson's voting record the 20 or so years he was in Congress is very similar to the positions that have been staked out by Governor Binghamton aged women looking for sex. In the campaign Anderson, however, has taken some extremely liberal positions on a few highly publicized points.

I have no objection at all to debating both Reagan and Anderson, but the first debate that I want to hold is a one-to-one, man-on-man debate with Governor Reagan. That's what I want, and that's what I determined to get.

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Marc, I might add one thing.

Our new persons